OFF THE RECORD He Was Dubbed As The ‘World’s Most Modified Man’ But Wait Till You See How He Looked Like Before

People have had tattoos and piercings for a long time. Many people get tattoos to remember a loved one, friend, or pet who has died.

Others see them as works of art and enjoy having them on their bodies. It’s only Anthony Loffredo, though, who can change the way your body looks with tattoos and piercings.

The French man, 34 years old, has changed many parts of his body, such as cutting off his ears, splitting his tongue, putting subdermal implants on his forehead, and making his face black.

Anthony Loffredo’s name changes to “Black Alien,” and it’s out of this world.

The body is very interesting. Just the idea that the body can fix itself is like something out of a magic book. When you think about it, our bodies are like machines.

Black Alien – Anthony Loffredo
Take a look at these facts from National Geographic.

When we’re asleep, our brains are busier than when we’re awake.

Our bodies give off a very small amount of light that our eyes can’t see. Information speeds along nerves at about 248 miles per hour, and scientists think the nose can detect about a trillion different smells.

A lot of things about the human body are too cool or hard to understand, and the same is true for how we look.

Just the fact that evolution has given us tools like five fingers and five toes on each foot and hand is amazing and makes perfect sense in the field of biology.

Some people want to go even further with evolution, even though our bodies seem to have done a great job of adaptation.

A lot of people have chosen to change their bodies in a lot of different ways. But now there’s a new person online who is getting a lot of attention.

Anthony Loffredo is his name, but he is better known as “Black Alien.”
He has changed his body so much over the past ten years that he now looks more like a non-human than a person. So what made him start?

He made the strangest change to himself a few weeks ago. Here’s everything you need to know about him.

Right now, he looks like a creature from another planet.

Anthony Loffredo’s body changes have been making people look twice for more than ten years. He was very interested in the human body and the different ways it could be “shaped” when he was a child.

Who is Black Alien?
He told the French news site Midilibre, “Since I was little, I have been passionate about the mutations and transformations of the human body,”

Andy, Anthony’s younger brother, remembers when “Black Alien” became truly interested in him. He mostly did bodybuilding exercises when he was a youngster. The first thing Anthony did to change his shape was bodybuilding.

Seeing people get bigger and stronger in bodybuilding was a way for him to change the body.

“From the age of 10, he used the internet to watch bodybuilders’ bodies “transform,” Anthony recalled.

Anthony Loffredo was a security guard when he was in his 20s. But something wasn’t quite right. Anthony chose to change careers because he didn’t think he was living the life he wanted to live.

“I stopped everything at 24 and left for Australia. It has become normal, even unconscious, to constantly think about my plans [for the body modification] for the next few months,” he said, adding that he loves to get into the shoes of a “scary character.”

“I often settle down somewhere and play a role, especially at night in the dark streets. I explore the contrast between the role I play and myself.”

Black Alien – body modifications
When Loffredo got back to France from a trip to Australia, he chose to “sculpture” his body.

He went through his big transition and body change over four years. He does say that he could have done much more, though.

Loffredo says how he changed his car into a “Black Alien” is the project of a lifetime. And now, what he’s done is making people look twice.

In only four years, he’s done a lot.

Black Alien has black lines inked all over his body, a tattoo that made his face black, a tattoo that made his tongue split like a lizard’s, and a tattoo that made his eyes black.
It’s not just tattoos, though. Loffredo has also had special surgeries, like having skin implants put in his head to make it look like a reptile.

Besides that, he has had surgery to remove his ears, tattoos on his nose, brow, and chin, and parts of his cheeks cut out to make them look like pink lightning bolts.

Loffredo had to go to Spain to get the nose taken off because it was against the law in his home country of France.

“Thank you to you, @oscarmarquezbodymod you will have marked my life. Now I can walk with my head high, thanks to you. I am proud of what we did together,” he wrote on Instagram after his drastic nose job.

This year, he also had his upper lip cut off. Now, Black Alien has revealed that he has finished the next part of his transformation.

Flaunts his brand-new “alien claw.”

He says that he’s only changed 34% of what he wanted to change so far.

Loffredo is writing about his trip on Instagram. He is calling it the “Black Alien Project.” More than 850,000 people are following him right now. How far he’s willing to go astounds his fans.

Loffredo hopes to have his skin cut off and replaced with metal in the future. He also wants to change the look of his arms, legs, fingers, and head. He has now taken the first step.

Back a few weeks ago, Black Alien posted pictures of his most recent change, which showed an “alien claw” missing two fingers.

Along with those who praise him for being brave, there are those who question his intentions.

There are people who would be scared to run into Loffredo in public. He says that he has no trouble at all attracting people of the opposite sex, even though he has a very attractive appearance.

Loffredo’s family is behind him, even though this is a very extreme change to his body. Around Mother’s Day in the UK, Black Alien shared a picture of himself and his mom, which got a lot of likes.

He wrote in the description, “Mum tells them it’s not true – she doesn’t have nightmares when she looks at me,” “One of my biggest wins is making you smile. “A mother would never judge her son.”

Future plans

Black Alien wanted to leave Montpellier, France, and travel to other European countries. What is the goal?

To see how people from different countries see him and feel about the way he looks like an alien. For fun, he also wants to record their reactions on film and work on tattooing eyeballs.

He doesn’t feel bad about any of the changes he’s made.

“My only regret would be that I didn’t do it,” he said.

As was already said, Loffredo can’t have all of the treatments in France because it’s against the law. He chose to move to Barcelona, Spain, because he really loves that place.

“There are people of all ancestry here, and I like it,” he said, adding that he always gets curious looks from people passing by.

Loffredo said in September that he is about a third of the way done with the “Black Alien Project.” We don’t know what he will do next. Without a doubt, Anthony Loffredo’s good looks will continue to amaze everyone. It will be interesting to see what he looks like when he’s done.

His current situation is tough because he is trying to find steady work and many companies don’t want to hire him because of his many tattoos and other body modifications.
Loffredo has said more than once that he’s frustrated with his job search and that he’s having a hard time finding work.

He also talked about the big problems that come up because of the way he looks, pointing out the huge amount of bad things that people think about it.
How do you feel about Anthony “Black Alien” Loffredo? Do you think this goes too far, or do you think this kind of body modification should be seen as normal?

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