“Optical Illusion”: Can you spot the man’s face in this picture?

Find the hidden man and try to interpret the meaning of the painting!

There is more than just one face in this optical illusion picture. The main character of this painting is a woman standing on a rocky surface. But there is also a man’s face hidden in the painting. Your task is to find it in 10 seconds!

Here we go!

Where is the man? Is he hiding in the hedge behind the woman? Or maybe he IS the hedge? The hedge looks more like a bear than a man. Look more closely!

If you still cannot spot the man, here is a hint for you: tilt your hear left or right and try to spot the man hiding in plain sight. Follow the hint and you will find him!

Still can’t spot him? Well, just turn your phone upside down! Here he is!

Sometimes, things hidden in the plain sight are the most difficult to be noticed. This happens due to the brain condition to see some objects the way they always appear.

Hope you enjoyed this beautiful optical illusion painting!

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