“Optical Illusion Personality test”: What do you see first in the picture?

This optical illusion will tell a lot about your perception skills

This is a type of optical illusion test, which is able to tell what kind of a personality you have and how you think. Optical illusion is a tool that tests people’s perception power. The way you interpret the illustration of an object or a picture says a lot about yourself.

There are several types of optical illusions, such as physical, psychological and cognitive illusions. Many optical illusion images have several hidden details that can be outlined, so they can be interpreted in different ways.

In order to know more about your personality, you should choose the very first face you see when you look at the picture. Do not consider the picture for long, just choose the one you see first.

Let’s Start!
Take an instant look at the picture below and let us know what you saw first!

Igor Lysenko is the creator of the image. It captures the theme of surrealism. The painting depicts landmass and tides gently touching the landmass. However, believe it or not, there are other details in the picture too!

Apart from the landmass and tides you might have noticed a woman, a man or a bird. And the one you saw first tells a lot about your level of perception. Scroll down and find out some facts about yourself.

A Woman
If the first thing you notices was a woman wearing a beach hat and enjoying the beach weather, then you have an average level of perception and are able to identify the most basic elements of this image and your surroundings in general.

A Bird
Some of you might have noticed the bird at first glance. It means you have above average, good perception skills and can spot complex details of the image and your surroundings.

A Man
If you are among the users who instantly noticed the man in the picture, you have excellent perception skills and you have the ability to instantly notice the most complex elements in such pictures, as well as what is happening around you.

Here are some interesting facts about the painting of Igor Lysenko

The painting above captures the portrait of famous French oceanographer J-Y Cousteau or Jacques-Yves Cousteau.

The beaks of the bird form the lips, the tip of the beach hat forms the nose and the face and eyes are shaped by the land formation and the well like structure. This is an amazing work of the painter! The way the man’s portrait is placed in the picture is just wonderful!

Hope you enjoyed the test! Don’t forget to comment down what you saw first, and share it with your friends to find out more about them!

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