“Optical Illusion Personality Test”: What You See First In This Painting Reveals Your Key Habits

This analysis is based on popular studies and does not intend to hurt anyone!

Robert Gonsalves is an artist from Canada who creates optical illusion paintings. His artworks and his creativity have no bounds. The paintings of this artist are mind-blowing and they deceive your eyes into not seeing what is real in the illusions.

Take a look at this optical illusion painting by Gonsalves, and let us know what you saw first. Scroll down to read the analysis!

This painting depicts a boy and his grandfather, who is probably teaching the boy how to play chess, or is waiting for him to make a move. But is this what you really saw first? Or did you see some castles on land with a patch of grass?

Let’s find out what they mean!

If you first noticed the little boy playing chess on the big board with his grandfather by his side, you tend to go by the cover of the book. You are outgoing and like making new friends. Some of your habits are pointing out other’s mistakes and going with the flow.

If you first noticed a boy looking at castles, you are a person who can see beyond what people want. You need clarity in everything you do. You have a decisive personality and make plans before acting. However, you don’t always achieve your plans, so this habit gives you setbacks. This resulted in you losing control of your emotions.

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