People have been stunned by Malia Obama’s amazing transformation – see her now

Being the daughter of celebrity is difficult, but when that celebrity was once the President of the United States, things can get a little complicated.

Having your face recognized by millions of people across the globe would garner a lot of interest in your personal life…

… And Malia Obama is no different!

Her father, former POTUS Barack Obama, was president for two terms from 2009 to 2017. Though, even after years out of the office he’s still very much involved in politics.

It’s no surprise that many people are also interested in his daughters, Sasha and Malia, both of whom grew up before the public’s eyes. Slowly but surely, 25-year-old Malia has forged her own career path and become her own person – becoming a pretty successful screenwriter!

Now, rather than being the young girl she was when her father entered office, she’s an adult woman with her own unique sense of style.

Recently, during an appearance on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, the former President had admitted he was worried his daughters would become “odd kids” growing up in the White House. Though, that didn’t happen, and he said both Malia and Sasha turned into “fantastic young women.”

Michelle also praised her daughters on Fallon Tonight, saying that she wanted to raise “authentic” women who were able to fend for themselves outside the White House.

And, during the interview, Michelle joked about how her daughters’ cocktail-making skills sadly didn’t pass the test… “Not only did they drink it, they made one. Now it was a bad martini. It was very weak in a tumbling glass,” the former First Lady said. “You know they stumbled through. It was mostly vermouth and ice. Well, maybe it wasn’t even vermouth because I don’t even think they knew that vermouth goes in a martini,” she added.

On her 25th birthday, Michelle and Barack wrote sweet messages to their oldest daughter. Barack, 61, posted a photo of himself giving her a hug, captioning the image with: “Happy birthday to this talented, hilarious, and beautiful young woman. Malia, I hope 25 brings you everything you’re looking for and more.”

Michelle also congratulated her daughter on her birthday with a throwback image of her daughter as a toddler. “Happy birthday, Malia! I feel so lucky to be your mom and to be able to watch you become the wonderful young woman you are today. Love you so much!” the caption read.

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