Pizza delivery driver gets the surprise of his life when sent out for a special delivery

Back in 2015, Jeff Louis worked as a pizza delivery boy in Mentor, Ohio. Many of his work days were, of course, roughly the same. But one experience would change his life dramatically.

Jeff usually started his work day at 12pm, but one day, he was asked to come to work a little earlier than usual…

He received an order to deliver food to a nearby church. As it turned out, they had prepared quite the surprise for the 22-year-old man. When he delivered the pizzas, the church revealed a surprise: they gave Jeff an over US$700 tip.

After the event Jeff was so moved that he chose to share his experience by putting up a video on YouTube. His emotional story and tear-filled eyes have now touched the hearts of thousands, and hundreds are showing Jeff their support.

“The most amazing thing happened today…”, Jeff begins, with tears in his eyes.

Jeff is a recovering and rehabilitated drug addict, after struggling with his addiction for years. In the video, you hear his voice tremble as he thanks all the people who helped him start a new life.

“I’m having a hard time lately, trying to get my life back (…). It just truly amazes me that people that don’t even know me just wanted to help me out that much”.

Watch his heart-warming rant below:

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