“Prophetic Broadcast”: Paul Harvey’s 1965 Warning Comes True 54 Years Later

In 1965, a popular radio commentator named Paul Harvey made some predictions in a broadcast that turned out to be surprisingly accurate 54 years later. Harvey had a massive audience, with almost 24 million people tuning in every week for four decades starting in the 1950s.

In his broadcast, Harvey started with a hypothetical scenario, saying, “If I were the Devil.” He talked about wanting to spread darkness across the entire world and take control of the United States. He mentioned using deceptive tactics like whisper campaigns and influencing the youth to doubt the Bible.

Harvey suggested encouraging young married people to prioritize socializing over work and to reject strong religious or moral beliefs. He also talked about manipulating the elderly by redefining prayer and making them focus on authority figures in Washington.

He proposed corrupting literature and entertainment to make them more appealing by introducing explicit content. Harvey also suggested infiltrating labor unions to promote idleness and advocating for the use of drugs and alcohol to distract and sedate people.

In his “prophecy,” Harvey talked about influencing education to prioritize intellectual growth over emotional well-being and replacing religion with psychology. He even mentioned influencing the legal system to rule against God and in favor of immoral content.

Harvey concluded by suggesting a society where ambition is eradicated by taking from the rich and giving to the poor until everyone works under a police state. He talked about dividing families and sending women to work in harsh conditions.

The person sharing this information mentioned listening to Paul Harvey recordings with their mother in the 1970s and pointed out the accuracy of Harvey’s predictions from 54 years ago.

Watch the video below to hear Paul Harvey’s comments and share your thoughts on whether you think his predictions have come true.

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