Public embarrassments that celebrities would like to forget forever.

Everyone has bad days, the idols of millions are no exception. But it’s one thing to lose face in front of a small number of people, and quite another to write your failure into the history of social events . Our today’s heroes know firsthand what it’s like to fail to control your own outfit and crash onto the carpet under the flashes of hundreds of cameras. However, many managed to professionally cope with the awkward situation and even replenished their fan base with new faces. Well, everyone would like such favorable outcomes!

We recall the most epic embarrassments of celebrities on the red carpet, which we do not recommend that anyone repeat . This is all due to long hemlines in which legs get tangled, tight corsets, uncomfortable shoes and high heels. And, of course, fun drinks, which are a dime a dozen at ceremonies and awards. Therefore, personally, such “starfalls” do not surprise us.

Public embarrassments of celebrities that made red carpet history
Jennifer Lawrence
Perhaps one of the most spectacular falls in the history of the Oscars belongs to Jennifer Lawrence. At the ceremony in 2013, the actress was called to the stage to receive an award for her role in the comedy-drama My Boyfriend Is Crazy. However, trouble came out of nowhere – a fluffy Dior dress contributed to a dramatic fall . The beauty covered her face with her hands in embarrassment, but quickly came to her senses. The audience supported Jennifer with a standing ovation, after which the star gave a dignified speech.

Emma Watson
British actress Emma Watson is famous not only for her charisma and beauty, but also for her ability to laugh at herself . And this skill played into her hands during the premiere of the next part of “Harry Potter” on the carpet. Although the beauty got her shoes tangled in the layers of her cascading dress, fortunately she was able to keep her balance. However, instead of pretending that nothing had happened, she burst into laughter and began to pose funny for photographers .

Heidi Klum
The 2008 Emmy Awards ceremony didn’t go as planned . According to the script, TV presenter and model Heidi Klum was supposed to perform a parody number and fall into the arms of comedian Tom Bergeron. However, the co-host failed to catch the star, so instead of strong hands, she ended up on the floor . However, Heidi managed to save face and treat the situation with humor. Oh, what an elegant fall!

Amy Schumer
It’s one thing when actors and performers fall, and another when comedians fall. Agree, many may think that this is part of a planned performance. So Amy Schumer managed to transform her failure into an impromptu stand-up . So, during the Time 100 ceremony in 2015, the comedy actress lost her balance and landed right in front of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West.

It is noteworthy that the couple did not help the star rise, but walked past, keeping a straight face. Well, Amy continued to lie there, watching the couple with a sad look. “I felt like a simple girl at a party, during which an even more attractive girl suddenly appears , ” the actress jokes.

Helen Mirren
Even seasoned celebrities are not immune from annoying incidents . Whether it’s the hundredth or even the thousandth appearance, anyone can stumble. Take, for example, British actress Helen Mirren. During the Berlin International Film Festival in 2015, she fell on the stairs, getting tangled in a long lace dress. But Helen did not worry about this for a long time. Moreover, after the embarrassment, she found the strength to joke about the awkward situation .

Jon Hamm
It is by no means necessary to dress in long luxurious dresses and put on huge heels in order to flop deliciously from the height of your own height . American actor Jon Hamm had to experience this unfortunate nuisance the hard way. So, in 2015, he wanted to dramatically jump onto the stage at the Emmy Awards to collect his award for Best Actor in the TV series Mad Men. However, his suit was tight-fitting and hampered his movements, so the jump, to put it mildly, did not work out . Well, at least he left with the treasured figurine!

All is well that ends well. What are the biggest celebrity embarrassments you know? Feel free to share in the comments!

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