Real-Life Rapunzel: Alia Nasyrova and Her Extraordinary Hair

Are you familiar with the fairy tale character Rapunzel? Well, Alia Nasyrova, a 33-year-old woman originally from Latvia, could easily pass as the real-life version of this beloved heroine. With hair that reaches an astonishing length of 90 inches, she truly embodies the enchanting charm of Rapunzel.

Growing and showcasing her hair has become Alia’s full-time occupation, and she even earns a living from it. For the past two decades, she has dedicated herself to nurturing her luscious locks, taking inspiration from the captivating long-haired heroines of her favorite fairy tales.

On her website, Alia describes her dreams of exploring the world and discovering other long-haired beauties. She considers her hair a work of art and wants to share its mesmerizing beauty with the world.

Maintaining hair of this nature is no easy feat. Alia spends an hour each day washing her hair and allowing it to air dry. When she ventures outside, she carries a day bag filled with 22 pounds of liquids, including shampoo, conditioner, and various hair accessories. She even uses a yoga mat to perform exercises to keep her supple brown locks healthy and strong.

Alia’s husband, Ivan Balaban, adores her exquisite hair but takes extra care to avoid damaging it. He has made it a habit to give her hair enough space, as if cuddling up to the wall. Furthermore, he treats her hair with the utmost respect and even converses with her braid, sometimes asking it to move slightly.

Managing extremely long hair comes with its challenges. Alia recalls a childhood incident when someone accidentally stuck chewing gum in her hair, leading to a difficult decision to cut out a clump of hair to remove it. Such incidents highlight the intricacies of maintaining such extraordinary hair.

Although Alia holds the title of a “real-life Rapunzel,” she is not the record holder for the longest hair. That distinction belongs to Xie Qiuping from China, whose hair measures a staggering 18 feet 5 inches, according to the Guinness World Records.

We commend Alia Nasyrova for her dedication and perseverance in cultivating her beautiful long locks. Managing hair of this length is undoubtedly a challenge. What are your thoughts on extremely long hair? Would you be up for the task, or do you prefer shorter and more manageable hair? Let us know your thoughts!

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