Real-Life Thumbelina Is Only 39-And-A-Half Inches Tall But ‘Proved All Those Doctors Wrong’

During the early stages of childhood, kids must have all the love and attention that they need from their parents as well as peers they meet at school.

Through their early days of education, they would most likely play with other children, draw pictures, and run around the playground, but a little girl named Kenadie Jourdin-Bromley has a completely different story as she’s shorter than her classmates.

Unlike any other children, ABC News reported in an article published in 2011 that Kenadie was only two and a half pounds when she was born.

At the age of 8 months, doctors found out that she has primordial dwarfism, a medical condition that affects the growth of a person even though their bodies are proportioned.

Unfortunately, Kenadie’s condition came with a price as she could possibly face medical threats as the bones of people who have her condition are thinner than usual, meaning they could break easily. In addition, there’s also a risk of scoliosis.

In an interview with Truly released in November 2015, her mother, Brianne, said Kenadie was baptized right away after she was born as medical experts told her that her child had a small chance of survival due to her size.

“So we thought we were going to take her home to die, because that’s what they told us,” the mom said.

Despite the doctors’ warnings, Kanadie didn’t give up, and neither did her family as she went on to live a healthy life.

“When we were home we were able to just live life every day and you know, eventually we realized that she wasn’t going to die,” the mom added.

At the time of the interview with Truly, Kenadie was 12 years old and weighed 23.5 pounds. As for her height, she was only 39.5 inches tall, which is shorter than anyone her age.

Regardless of her medical condition, it didn’t stop her from being a kind-hearted person, as she loved interacting with other people as well as sharing what she had with everyone.
“She’s kind-hearted, she is loving, and you know she wants to share everything with everyone. She’s feisty, she’s determined, she is independent,” her mom described Kenadie.

Her brother Tyran also commended her for being a “good sister,” but although there were times she didn’t understand time, her brother said she’s not different from anyone else.

At the time of the interview, Kenadie had just begun her seventh grade, and even though she was the same age as her peers, she had to learn at a different pace due to her academic development.

Her teacher, Jessica, described her as someone who’s empathetic as she would come to people if they hurt their finger and would give the biggest hugs ever.

When she’s not at school, Kenadie loves other activities, such as skating on the rink and even bowling.

Her mom was emotional throughout her journey as she said: “She has definitely proved all those doctors wrong. She has defied all odds, she has overcome so many obstacles.”

Unfortunately, her mom still couldn’t ignore that her reality is different from any other mothers out there as there’s a possibility for them to lose Kenadie.

But regardless, Kenadie was a healthy young teenager, and her mom said: “If we can get through today, then we’ll see tomorrow.”

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