Sad news about “Dallas” star Victoria Principal

Vicki Ree Principal, better known as Pamela Barnes Ewing on “Dallas,” is an American actress, novelist, producer, and businesswoman. Principal appeared in the 1978-1991 TV series until 1987. Principal launched Victoria Principal Productions after working on “Dallas” for nine years. She has several profitable enterprises.

The majority of the films made by Principal were for television. Principal also appeared in her films. Her company produced “Naked Lie,” “Blind Witness,” and “Sparks: The Price of Passion” in 1989 and 1990, respectively. Principal resigned to explore other opportunities.

Principal married twice and divorced both times without having children. She was always creative and determined. She is the author of four books and an actress and producer. The self-help book “Living Principal” was one of four on health, beauty, and fitness. Principal Secret, a skincare line, was inspired by her passion for beauty and well-being.

Principal’s skincare business has been in operation since 1989. There are daily cleansers, eye serums, and moisturizers included. She left the company in 2019 to devote her time to charity. She looks to be obsessed with her skincare routine at the age of 72. Discover Principal’s life and visit her now.

Principal was born in Fukuoka, Japan, on January 3, 1950. The oldest daughter of US Air Force sergeant Victor Rocco Principal. Georgian Ree Veal was her mother. Principal’s first three months were spent in Japan, where her family was stationed.

Principal had to travel frequently because of her father’s military profession. Her early years were spent in London, Puerto Rico, Florida, Massachusetts, and Georgia. Principal attended 17 schools, including the Royal Ballet School in England. Principal began appearing in commercials at the age of five.

After graduating from South Dade Senior High School in 1968, Principal attended Miami-Dade Community College to study medicine. She was hit by a drunk driver near the conclusion of her freshman year of college and spent a long time in the hospital. When she returned, she had to redo her first year of education.

Principal opted for acting over medicine. She moved to New York, then to London, to pursue acting at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art under Jean Scott. In 1970, she moved to Los Angeles to seek a career as an actress. She co-starred in films such as “The Life and Times of Judge Roy Bean” alongside Paul Newman. Principal was nominated for the award for best newcomer.

Principal featured in “Earthquake” in 1974. To play Rosa, she cut and colored her hair black. She was chosen after she took a risk. One of Principal’s breakthrough films.

Dallas was a CBS primetime soap opera that aired in 1978. Principal, a Hollywood talent agency, saw the script for a new show in the works and thought she was the appropriate fit for the character of Pamela Barnes Ewing. She was cast after scheduling an audition with the casting director.

People were informed by the principal. “I had already fallen in love with “Dallas” and the part before auditioning, so I knew it was special and wanted to be a part of it. “My name is Pam,” she explained. She appeared to be destined for the role.

Principal had a good time on “Dallas” despite not getting along with her co-stars. “I called but didn’t meet,” she explained. We hardly ever socialized. We worked and lived in quite different ways. When I started the show, Patrick, Steve, Larry, and Linda were all married with children. Single. Those are two completely different ways of existence.”

The principal had departed the performance. “The first five years on ‘Dallas’ were so beautifully wonderful—then some important writers departed, and by year 7, there was a deterioration in the writing, which was a huge factor in my decision to leave,” Principal told Entertainment Weekly. She also stated in the same interview that her parking spot was taken away due to her statement.

After leaving, Principal fought with “Dallas” producers to stay. “A few days before my final car accident scene, they offered me a per-episode salary that would have made me the highest-paid woman on TV,” she told Entertainment Weekly. Life exposes your true self. I slept soundly since I wasn’t for sale.” She declined and walked out of the show.

Principal has wonderful memories of playing Pam. “I learned a lot from playing Pam. Her beliefs were compassionate and brave. “It was an honor to play her,” she told Entertainment Weekly.

Almost 30 years later, new fans are discovering the show. “I’m delighted people are introducing their children and grandchildren to “Dallas,” based on the emails I’ve gotten. “I’m overjoyed that “Dallas” is recognized,” said Principal to People Magazine.

Principal has been an ecological and philanthropic worker for many years. “Earth and her inhabitants are my primary priority,” he told the Huffington Post in 2012. Without a healthy world, education, hunger, and science will be meaningless because we will perish. I believe that the planet will recover itself until we mend our land and seas. Humanity should be afraid if you reap what you sow.”

Principal’s organization, The Victoria Principal Foundation For Thoughtful Existence, was formed out of her love for the planet. TV Insider spoke with her about the foundation’s goal. “I created a charity in 2006. To provide financial support for this wonderful planet and its inhabitants. My interests include ecology, oceans, hazardous substances, children, and animals.”

Principal discussed her animal work with TV Insider. “I work with animals who have been mistreated or abused. To heal, they require medical attention, patience, and compassion. This isn’t a charity—they live with me for life. I enjoy it daily.”

Principal told The Huffington Post, “The Arthritis Foundation ambassador for 11 years. I helped create a National Institutes of Health fund for all autoimmune disorders, including arthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, lupus, scleroderma, and others.”

Principal Secret’s skincare line is her greatest triumph outside of “Dallas.” She created the skincare line to cure her skin troubles but chose to share her findings. Principal’s youthful glow at 72 suggests she’s doing something right.

Principal told The Huffington Post that she loves skincare and has since childhood. “The skincare ritual still enchants me. Container opening and closing music. The soft scent. Luxurious formulas soften skin and leave a radiance, “said.

Her 1980s skincare enterprise was partly a necessity. “Dermatologists could only prescribe antibiotics to treat my adult acne in my 20s, which gave me awful stomachaches. I was caught in a loop of studio skincare and makeup, acne outbreaks, antibiotics, drying up, a bill I couldn’t pay, and stomach pain, “she told HuffPost.

Later, Principal’s product line solved this problem. “I resolved to break this cycle and find a holistic skin care regimen. After discovering I was allergic to more than half of all skincare and makeup components, I worked with a chemist to design a cleanser, moisturizer, and eye product without those irritants, “she stated.

Principal told Love to Know that looking young inspired her beauty line. “Soon after, I saw more ladies using severe steps to look younger, but I realized there was a better way for us all. Thus, Principal Secret.”

Principal advises a healthy lifestyle to look young. “Make sure to drink enough water, get outside and enjoy the fresh air and think of your age as how you feel, not how long you’ve lived on this earth,” she told Love to Know.

Principal’s youth isn’t just from skincare products. “We all need to exercise, eat, and sleep. Without those essentials, you’ll struggle, “she remarked.

Finally, Principal advises these skincare products for lifelong healthy, beautiful skin. “At the basic least, a lady (and guy) should have a gentle cleanser, a moisturizer with SPF for the day, and eye cream – that’s it,” she told Love to Know.

Principal looks great for her age. Therefore, her counsel must be good. She enjoyed a successful acting career with a memorable role. Charity and entrepreneurship have shaped her existence. Principal led a fascinating and busy life.

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