Salma Hayek Unveils Beach Bikini Photos: Shares Secrets to Natural Beauty and Anti-Aging Meditation

Actress Salma Hayek, after intense social events she attended almost every day for several weeks, decided to take a break. The star found time for a beach photoshoot, showcasing her voluptuous figure in a bikini. She shared the photos on her social media.

Fans of the star were thrilled with her physique and showered her with compliments. Interestingly, Salma had previously stated that bikini pictures are what her followers like the most. The actress insists that her beauty is natural, and the secret to her excellent physical shape is meditation.

“Due to health problems, I turned to meditation, which I continuously develop. I can do it for hours because you don’t feel the time, and it’s a lot of fun. It’s really a feeling of energy. It moves and dances inside you. Sometimes, when I meditate, people tell me when I leave the room, ‘Oh my God, you look 20 years old again,’” said Salma.

According to Hayek, she doesn’t mind using hardware procedures. Salma mentioned using radiofrequency and microfrequency devices to tighten the skin and believes that she achieves better results thanks to her meditation practice.

“People who work with machines say that they don’t get the results with others that they get with me. When I don’t meditate for some time, guess what? Not only does my face start to sag, but also my intervertebral disc herniation, problems in my neck, problems in my hips, my ankles—everything comes back. I start to break,” she said.

Salma mentioned that her husband, Francois-Henri Pinault, 61, was initially skeptical about her anti-aging meditation.

Frequency devices for skincare use high-frequency electrical currents for skin conditions such as acne, wrinkles, cellulite, and enlarged pores. The machines produce heat, enhancing collagen growth, blood flow, and circulation in the targeted area.

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