Seven-year-old boy selling lemonade is surprised by a police officer with a pair of brand-new sneakers for school.

Who doesn’t enjoy a good old lemonade stand?

There’s nothing like running into a young kid on a sunny day eager to sell you a cup of ice-cold lemonade.

Recently, a police officer approached a young child named Landen, selling lemonade and cookies near his home. The grandma of the boy recorded their conversation and posted it to Facebook.

Landen was approached by Officer Perez of Connecticut’s Ansonia Police Department, who asked about his plans for the money he would make from selling lemonade.

Landen told him he wanted to purchase blue sneakers for class.

Following the conclusion of their discussion, Officer Perez left.

Officer Perez returned to the 7-year-old’s lemonade stand a short while later with something for Landen this time: a pair of blue sneakers.

To say Landen was happy is an understatement.

Wendelyn Narvaez praised Officer Perez, saying, “He made my baby’s day yesterday, and not only that, he made him feel like a king.”

Narvaez posted a picture of Landen grinning broadly in his brand-new sneakers a few days later.

In response to Perez’s compassion, Ansonia Police Chief Wayne Williams said that Perez’s kind of officers “are the types of officers that we are all looking to hire.”

That is so very true. Police officers’ negative actions are frequently reported, but not their positive ones. This was such a thoughtful action.

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