Sharon Osbourne makes shock 3-word claim about Ashton Kutcher – and it’s hard to handle

It’s sometimes difficult to know what your favorite celebrity is like when the bright lights are turned off and the cameras stop rolling.

The larger-than-life personas the stars create for themselves are often carefully crafted and curated, filtered so that we, the public, for the most part only see and learn what they – and their extensive teams – want us to see and learn.

The result is that it’s rather hard to judge which celebrities are genuinely good people, and which of them benefit from having the money to keep an astute PR team working in their favor.

Now, that’s not to say some of them don’t have widely-known reputations for being difficult or unfriendly, just as certain others have always come across as being down to earth and kind.

Take Keanu Reeves, for example, whose good-guy image isn’t the result of millions of pounds spent in PR campaigns, but rather a product of how he has conducted himself ever since he stepped into the spotlight.

Ashton Kutcher is another – if you haven’t read about how he quietly saved over 6,000 children from sex trafficking, click here – or so we thought…

Going back to what I said about about never knowing for sure whether your celeb hero is a good egg or a rotten apple in disguise, Sharon Osbourne has gone on record to shed some light on how she perceives Kutcher, and, well, it ain’t pretty.

The 70-year-old recently joined daughter Kelly Osbourne for a game of “Stir the Pot” with E! News, where she was asked to name “the rudest celebrity you’ve ever met”.

Indeed, if stirring the pot was what the situation called for, then Sharon rose to the occasion, replying: “The guy that’s married to an actress and he used to do That ‘70s Show.”

Kelly then said: “Oh, Ashton Kutcher? Really?”

To which Sharon answered: “Yes. Oh rude, rude, rude, rude little boy.” She then added: “Rude, rude, yes. Dastardly little thing.”

Sadly, Sharon didn’t elaborate further on just why Kutcher rubs her the wrong way, but it’s not the first time the TV personality has taken shots at the Butterfly Effect star in public.

In 2018, during an interview with TV host Larry King, Osbourne referred to an episode of her old show The Talk, wherein she revealed: “I didn’t get on with that one guy, that Ashton Kutcher. Didn’t get on with him at all.”

Now, while we’re in no position to label Sharon a liar, we feel the need to add that Kutcher has done some pretty amazing things over the years, not least co-founding Thorn: Digital Defenders of Children in 2012, an organization aimed at identifying and rescuing child sex trafficking victims.

A 2017 report stated that Kutcher and ex-wife Demi Moore’s brainchild – working closely with law enforcement – had helped to identify some 5,984 child sex trafficking victims, as well as rescue 103 children from “situations where their sexual abuse was recorded and distributed.”

What do you think to Sharon Osbourne’s comments? Do you find a particular celebrity particularly rude or obnoxious? If so, let us know in the comments field!

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