She became a superstar after ‘The Graduate’ – this is what the ’60s bombshell looks like today, age 83

Katharine Juliet Ross went from an unknown actress to an Academy Award-nominated star overnight. She famously portrayed Elaine in The Graduate alongside Dustin Hoffmann and over the years became what many at the time referred to as a Hollywood bombshell.

Ross’s career has been long and very successful to date. However, her personal life hasn’t been nearly so stable – she’s been married five times. Fortunately, her fifth marriage, with the beloved actor Sam Elliott, has proven to be worth waiting for.

It’s been some years since Katharine Ross has appeared on-screen, but there’s far more to her life than mere acting. To this day, she remains a true beauty. Here’s all you need to know about Katharine Ross – and what she looks like today at, age 83.

Katharine Ross was born in Hollywood, California on January 29, 1940. Unlike many other Hollywood stars, the young girl’s parents didn’t work in the acting business. Her father, Dudley, worked both as a reporter for the Associated Press and as a commander in the U.S. Navy. As a result, his family moved around plenty.

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