Shelter Dog Is Rescued 1 Hour Before Being Put Down

Edie, a cute Maltese was deemed “too aggressive” to rehome. Luckily, Eldad Hagar from Hope For Paws thought differently.

That was back in 2010, and now Edie has a forever home in the Californian sun with owner Bronwyne Mirkovich. And Bronwyne has a new best buddy.

Edie didn’t know what to think about Bronwyne when she saw her. Her sweet demeanor soon showed, and Bronwyne knew that she was the dog she was meant to take with her, as reported here by the Animal Rescue site.

Over one million dogs in shelters are put down each year whether they are young or old. This is one of the reasons why Bronwyne wanted to save the life of a dog at a shelter so that at least one dog could have a chance at happiness.

As the video below reveals, Edie is initially terrified but realizes that Hagar wants to be friends. She starts playing and barking. Edie is one dog who now has a home. She was rescued only a few hours before she was to be put down.

What did you think about this pups reaction? Would you have adopted her too? Let us know. Did you find this video as heartwarming as we did? If so – then go ahead and pass it along to someone else and make their day!

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