Soldier drives five hours to get first salute from grandfather who couldn’t make ceremony

One of the greatest honors a newly commissioned officer will receive is the first salute, a sign of respect that’s steeped in tradition.

When one young man achieved the rank of commissioned lieutenant, there was only one person he wanted to deliver his first salute, and he drove five hours to make it happen.

Keep reading to learn more about the sweet moment between the new officer and his grandfather!

Online users can’t get enough of a viral YouTube that shows a grandfather saluting his newly commissioned grandson.

Though the grandfather, a retired soldier, was unable to be at the ceremony where his grandson received the rank of commissioned officer, the young man drove five hours to include the family patriarch in the honors.

Standing on the elderly man’s porch as the door is opened, the young man cheerfully says, “Hello!”

When his grandpa sees the man standing there in his uniform, he proudly responds, “That’s a sharp cookie.”

“Lieutenant, I want to ask you a question,” the old man says. “May I be the one…the lucky one to give you the first salute?”

Eagerly accepting the offer, the soldier steps back on the porch, allowing some space for his grandfather.

Though the lieutenant’s face is facing his grandpa and away from the camera, viewers can still see there’s a smile stretched across his face.

Addressing him as “sir,” the two salute one another, shake hands and then embrace.

Netizens gushed over the love expressed between the two family members and praised the two for their service.

One writes, “First came the salute for honor, then came the handshake for respect, then came the hug for love. Awesome!”

A second shares, “Wow that old soldier salute was ‘sharp.’ We all Salute you Sir. Thank you for your service.” Another cyberfan writes, “That old man can barely stand but he saluted like a true boss…”

A fourth adds, “The joy in his grandpa’s eyes is so beautiful he is so proud of his grand baby boy, THANK YOU FOR YOUR SERVICE!”

This is such a special moment, and we are all fortunate it was captured on camera and shared with the world!

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