Son Grabs Mother’s Hand And They Cheer Up Internet As Pair Starts Boogieing Together

Every time an upbeat song would start playing on the radio, Lousiana mom Lucy would scoop up her toddler and start dancing around the kitchen. No matter the time of day, she and her little one would dance.

Today her toddler, Lance, is all grown up and has kids of his own, but when Lucy was having trouble sleeping one night, she grabbed his hand for a late-night routine around the kitchen when a hit track from Meghan Trainer started playing.

Dear Future Husband by Meghan Trainor starts playing loudly on the radio, and the mom and son duo take their places. As soon as the beat hits they break out into a fun swing dance with ease. It’s clear these two have done this dance many times!

It’s clear why this video is spreading across the internet. It’s not every day you see a mother and son happily dancing with each other, especially with this level of precision!

Halfway through the song, Lucy turns to the camera and says, “This is what happens when people can’t sleep in Louisiana!”

It’s a happy thought imagining tons of Louisiana natives sashaying across their kitchen in the early hours of the morning when sleeplessness hits, but for now, we have this super adorable video to curb our curiosity!

Does your family have any dancing traditions? What did you think of Lance and Lucy’s dance skills? Let us know and pass on this heartwarming mother-son moment.

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