Star Football Player Sings Anthem Before Taking The Field, And The Performance Is Going Viral

Jackson Dean Nicholson wanted to give something back to his high school. As a senior who played football during his senior year at Arundel High School, he was known for his performance on the field with the ball. However, he was soon known for another type of performance that he gave in front of the audience at a game.

Many of the people who saw Jackson thought that he should have a career as a professional, but maybe not as a professional football player. Instead, viewers thought that he should have a career as a singer after he delivered a stunning version of the national anthem.

Not only did Jackson surprise the audience, but thousands of online viewers saw his performance as well. He stood in front of the crowd in his uniform before a football game while holding his guitar.

Those who have watched the performance online have offered many positive comments, including that Jackson’s version is one of the best that has been performed. Jackson knew the majority of the people in the stands that night, and none of them knew that he was going to sing or that he could even sing as well as he did.

What did you think of this incredible rendition of the National Anthem? Let us know your thoughts, and pass this along to someone who would be impressed with Jackson’s voice!

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