Street Cat Refuses Food Unless It’s Bagged For Heartwarming Reason

There’s no love quite like the love of a mother. If you’re lucky enough to have a lasting relationship with your mom, you know just how amazing and special it can be. This doesn’t just apply to human mothers, however. Mothers of all species, even those with fur and four legs, can be just as wonderful and caring as our own.

Once children are born, the bond between mom and baby is miraculous and incomparable. This stray mother cat is no exception. Her name is Dongsuk. In 2017 she was a feral cat, but would accept food from a neighborhood woman often. But as time passed, the woman began to notice something strange about the stray cat.

If the cat was offered food from a plate or a tray, she would simply ignore it despite being visibly hungry. The cat’s preferred method to be fed? From a plastic bag. If offered a bag with food in it, the cat would graciously accept the offer and trot off with it in her mouth. So the woman began to learn that she had to bring a special baggie of food for this particular cat when she went to feed the strays.

But she always wondered what the deal was with Dongsuk. Her curiosity got the best of her one day, and she decided to see where the cat was bringing the bag of food. Taking matters into her own hands, she brought Dongsuk a baggie and followed her where she carried it. What the woman realized was shocking and amazing.

Dongsuk wasn’t taking the food to save for later for herself. Instead, she only took baggies of food because it meant that she could feed her kitten! The woman realized that Dongsuk was a mother! Eventually, she found out that the cat had given birth to a litter of kittens, but four did not survive. The remaining baby is the kitten that Dongsuk was trying so hard to feed with the baggies of food.

The kitten looked just like Dongsuk, both belonging to the family of orange tabby cats. The woman observed as Dongsuk placed the bag of food in front of her child and allowed her to eat as much as she wanted until she wasn’t hungry anymore. Once the woman realized how protective and caring this mother cat was over her last surviving baby, she knew she had to step in.

This stranger showed true compassion for these animals, and it’s amazing to watch. Would you do the same for a stray cat? Do you know similar stories about other animals? Tell us in the comments and pass this wonderful story on to other animal lovers you know!

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