“The eyes of identical twins meet for the first time — and their first conversation is priceless.”

It’s not uncommon for twins to invent their own language. It’s a unique way for them to communicate, as they are the only ones who can understand each other.

Being a twin must be such a fun experience. You have an automatic friend who shares many of your characteristics.

These kids are definitely enjoying every minute together. Look at how happy they are! The twins can’t help but smile at each other, even reaching out to hold hands.

You can distinguish the children by their pajamas. One twin is wearing a cute polka-dot outfit, while the sister has a onesie with an adorable pink floral pattern. Otherwise, their faces are pretty much the same.

How cool is that? Their mom gets double the joy. Happiness automatically doubles whenever her twins do something together. This will only continue as her daughters grow up.

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