The father got a tattoo on his head in the shape of his son’s postoperative scar so that the baby wouldn’t be upset.

It’s no wonder they say the best thing to do in raising a child is to become their friend. Little Gabriel will remember the friendly gesture of his father, Jas Marshall. In March 2015, this eight-year-old child was diagnosed with oncology—a brain tumor, but fortunately, it was detected at an early stage, and the child was immediately operated on.

This was followed by a round of chemotherapy, after which Gabriel lost his hair. As a result, the scar on his ear became visible to everyone. And when the boy started going to school, he was very concerned about it.

Gabriel became more and more withdrawn, quiet, and uncommunicative. He began to avoid his old friends because it seemed like everyone was just staring at his scar. After that, the sick child’s father decided to get a tattoo of his son’s scar.

“My son has a scar from the operation. He doesn’t feel well. So, I decided that I really needed to learn to do things right. ‘Now, if people want to look at us, let them look at both of us,”’ said George Marshall to ABC News.

A photo of them sharing the same scars went viral on social media. The photo of the father and son garnered hundreds of views. People say it’s a real step from a true father, expressing hope that Gabriel will recover.

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