The former first daughter of the US, Sasha Obama and current activities

It has been long since the Obama family vacated the White House. However, people still have eyes on them and keep track of what the Obama’s are up to. Now, the youngest of the brood has charted her path.

Keep reading to know more about Sasha Obama and what her plans for life are!

The youngest of the Obamas, Sasha Obama has now flown the nest. The 22-year-old has left the politically reverred Washington D.C. for the glamorous hills of Los Angeles as she charts her new career.

The sisters had made a home in Brentwood, close to the University of Southern California (USC) where at the time, Sasha Obama was completing her undergraduate program. She graduated from the program in May this year.

Obama has never been shy to talk about how proud he is of his daughters. During an appearance on the The Late Late Show with James Corden, the former President of the United States talked about how he feared that growing up in the White House would lead his daughters to become “odd kids.” But he was happy to see them thriving and referred to them as “fantastic young women.”

Michelle Obama, similarly has talked about how proud she is of her daughters in her own interviews. Michelle shared that the couple emphasised that they wanted to raise “authentic people” who would be able to navigate their way in the world beyond living in the White House.

The former First Lady has been known to joke about her daughters. In one interview, she shared a hilarious anecdote about her daughter’s cocktail-making skills. She said, “Not only did they drink it, they made one. Now it was a bad martini. It was very weak in a tumbling glass.”

“You know they stumbled through. It was mostly vermouth and ice. Well, maybe it wasn’t even vermouth because I don’t even think they knew that vermouth goes in a martini,” she said.

Both of them seem to be loving life in California, as they have been often spotted out on hikes, leaving parties, and doing a lot of other fun activities together.

Both sisters are living together in Los Angeles which speaks to their strong bond with one another. As both sisters step into their professional lives as young women, it is nice to see that they are still doing it together.

We wish both sisters well as they figure out this new chapter in their lives.

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