“The power of love”: this woman married a widower with 6 children. How she lives now.

Anton and Anna had triplet sons, when they found out the woman was pregnant again. Imagine how surprised they were, when the history repeated itself. So, in a short period of time, they became parents of 6 children – three sons and three daughters.

The family idyll, however, didn’t last long, as Anna was diagnosed with cancer. Because of that, the woman passed away right after the second labor.

Anton was left alone with 6 children and took care of all of them. He brought them up all alone.

When the man’s story became known to everyone, he immediately started to get messages from different women, who willingly wanted to help Anton and replace the children’s mother. But he got attracted by only one woman – Lyudmila.

On their first date the man didn’t go alone. He took all his children with him. As it turned out, it wasn’t in vain. The children got attached to Lyuda, and didn’t want to leave her side.

So Anton and Lyudmila realized they should be together. After a while they got married.

Besides, Lyudmila also had a son from her ex-husband. He was happy to become the elder brother of 6 kids.

Soon the couple decided 7 children were not enough. They adopted two kids from a low-income family, whose parents were deprived of parental rights.

This is how Anton and Lyudmila were able to build a big, friendly and loving family.

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