The spouses restored their old and miserable house beyond recognition and wowed everyone with the final result

Getting sick and tired of such a grandparents’ old house, the couple decided to give it a fresh look!

The way they transformed the place left everyone speechless!

See the photos of the final result in this article!

After being in a long search of an ideal house, the spouses found a place which seemed the closest to their heart.

Despite its old-fashioned and miserable look, the couple determined to give it a fresh look. Their main goal was to make it more modern and change its interior giving preference to the minimalistic design.

In the hallway they used light-colored wallpaper and porcelain tiles in a geometric style making a convenient storage space with a banquette. They decorated the wall with tiles and the illuminated mirror added some charm to the interior.

The walls now became decorated with textured wallpaper, and the floor was made of large porcelain tiles. The column was integrated into the set. The kitchen’s lower facades have a wooden texture, the upper ones are snow-white.

What concerns the apron, it is made of volumetric tiles in deep shades. In the parents’ bedroom, there is enough room for storing clothes. There is also a work area. In the center stands the spacious and comfortable bed.

The toilet and bathroom are separated. They both are designed in a minimalistic way. All in all, rooms look amazing and welcoming. Now, it became a perfect place to live.

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