Thousands Of Spiders Fall From The Sky Forcing Terrified Residents To Run For Cover

You may think that you have seen it all until you travel to Brazil. Believe it or not, one boy recently recorded thousands of spiders falling from the sky. Yes, it was literally raining spiders. Are you scared yet?

Joao Fonseca thought that it was just going to be like any other day in Minas Gerais, he told a local paper. He was actually sitting in the car when one spider fell out of nowhere and landed next to him inside the car.

Terrified, Joao tried to figure out where the spider came from. Upon looking outside, he was left in shock as he saw thousands of spiders floating in the air. He decided to capture the moment on camera as he remained inside the car.

Residents of Espirito Santo do Dourado started fleeing in horror and hiding in their houses as they thought that the spiders were dangerous and venomous. However, as one animal expert explained it, the occurrence is perfectly normal, and the spiders don’t have any poison.

The spiders in the video are actually known as Parawixia Bistriata. These spiders often create large webs that are 1 to 2 meters from the ground. The webs create a sort of floating canopy, which is what the spiders in the video were using to travel from one area to another.

The mass migration was caused by a change in the weather. The spiders were moving from an area that was getting hot to a cool place. Furthermore, the spiders usually travel with their heads facing downwards, giving the impression that they are falling.

Even though the scientific explanation for this event helps clear the air about raining spiders, it’s still one heck of a scary experience.

What would you have done if you were Joao? Would you have recorded the moment or would you have frozen out of fear? Tell us about any other unusual phenomenon that may have occurred around where you live. How did the residents react?

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