Tiny Penguin Looks Around For His Caregiver At The Zoo And Goes Nuts When He Finally Finds Him For A Belly Rub

A pint-sized penguin named Cookie would do almost anything for a belly rub. And this adorable aquatic bird shows you how much he loves to have his tummy rubbed in the video below.

The video starts out with Cookie wobbling into a room and shaking his backside while his wings are raised in the air. You can hear a woman talking about the bird and explaining that because he has a condition called bumblefoot, he must wear a bandage. The woman calls Cookie over to her, and the bird flaps its wings as it shuffles its tiny feet to move across the floor.

Then the penguin lets out a chirp and continues to walk forward, shaking its little booty all the while. Cookie seems to be on a mission, and you soon find out that he is when you see him approaching his owner’s outstretched hand to get his belly rubbed.

As the man tickles the tiny bird’s stomach, you can hear the penguin laughing, and you can see him leaning into his source of pleasure. His video even made it onto The Guardian.

You can also see him flapping his wings up and down and back and forth very quickly as he thoroughly enjoys himself. In the end, I guess you can say Cookie’s mission was accomplished! Cookie knew he would get his belly rubbed when he found the right person. He wobbled around the room until he found him.

Tell every animal lover you know to watch this video because everyone loves to smile. Cookie is so precious and cute, it would be a shame to miss the chance to see his reaction when he gets his tummy rubbed.

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