Travolta Busts Out Grease Dance Moves For First Time In 40 Years And Doesn’t Disappoint

John Travolta has been through a lot in the past couple of years. He’s starred in some big movies like “Gotti,” “Savages” and “From Paris with Love,” but he’s also suffered tremendous heartbreak in the past two decades. In 2009, the star lost his son Jett while on vacation in the Bahamas, and the “Pulp Fiction Star” lost his wife, Kelly Preston, to cancer in July 2020. With that said, John continues to do what he does best — dance and act. One of John’s most recent projects is the Quibi series “Die Hart” in which Kevin Hart plays himself. Hart goes to a premier acting school, where he meets its crazed director, who’s played by John. The show was renewed for a second season and is ongoing, so we’re sure to see more acting from the “Hairspray” actor in the near future. In February 2021, the “Grease” actor also brushed off his boogying skills for a Super Bowl commercial that he appeared in with his 21-year-old daughter, Ella Bleu Travolta.

However, despite all his hardships, John Travolta proves he can still dance. On Jimmy Fallon’s show in 2018, Travolta performed some Grease moves publicly for the first time in 40 years. No, the steps weren’t discoing ones. Travolta did the “four-step” dance from You’re the One I Want. Classic movie fans know that song comes from a legendary scene in the movie Grease.

Now, the beloved actor has given us fans what we’ve been longing for this whole time: to once again see him dance those funky moves that made us fall in love with him all those years ago.

In 1978, the musical Grease hit theaters’ screens and turned out to be a massive box office hit. Anyone who thought 1950s nostalgia and big-screen musicals was dead learned audiences felt a different way. Both John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John further established themselves as 1970s icons in the film.

John Travolta isn’t asked about Grease as much as he is about Saturday Night Fever and Welcome Back, Kotter. The recent nod to his performance in Grease shows the 60-something actor still recalls the roll with fondness.

Why hasn’t Travolta made any dance moves from Grease in over four decades? Perhaps he hasn’t because no one asked him. Travolta certainly showed enthusiasm for dancing when Fallon asked him. And Fallon, himself, even joined in with the dance number. Fallon’s evident love for the classic song-and-dance routine may have delivered the necessary inspiration to Travolta.

Travolta’s agreement to perform the dance routine caught the eye of the entertainment press. Video clips from Fallon’s show appeared online and reached more fans. Right now, the world nods its approval at Travolta. He hasn’t lost a single step in 40 years.

Sadly, the great actor received tons of not-so-great reviews for his starring role in the notorious flop Gotti. The biopic has even been called the worst mob movie of all time, according to the NY Post. Hopefully, Travolta’s dance day leads people to remember his classic performance in the wonderful film Grease.

Travolta’s fame did not last too long in the 1980s. Urban Cowboy scored a box office hit, but his other films didn’t do well. 1994’s Pulp Fiction finally saw the actor make a comeback. Today, people see Travolta for the icon he is. And they spend time rewatching his classic films — Grease among them. The film truly deserves a “special collector’s edition” release.

Despite the many hardships the Travolta family has faced in the past decade, the actor continues to do what he does best, working in show business and updating fans on his most recent projects on Instagram. One of his most recent endeavors was a role in a popular 2021 Super Bowl advertisement for Miracle-Gro.

“Super Bowl for me is a major yearly celebration,” the actor said in a Feb. 2021 statement to People. “When Scotts Miracle-Gro asked me to do an ad for the Super Bowl with my daughter I was thrilled, especially since we were asked to dance together. We had a blast honoring the backyard along with all of these wonderful people, in our ‘Sunday Best’ for Super Bowl Sunday.”

“Each year I always look forward to watching the Super Bowl and all of the great commercials,” John Travolta’s daughter Ella Travolta added. “When Scotts Miracle-Gro offered my dad and I this opportunity, I was overjoyed to share this amazing experience — not to mention dance together!! We are so excited to pay homage to the backyard along with all of these incredible people and are ‘feeling good’ spending time outside on this Super Bowl Sunday.”

The advertisement, which has accumulated millions of views on YouTube since its release, also features celebrities like Leslie David Baker of “The Office” and television personality Martha Stewart.

Stewart’s final line in the commercial sums John’s life up pretty nicely. After she watches John and his daughter bust some moves, she says, “He’s still got it.

Were you impressed by Travolta’s performance? Let us know in the comments and be sure to spread this video on to all Grease and Travolta fans out there! They’ll love it!

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