Two Girls Face Away From Crowd — Music Starts And They Perform With Incredible Clogging Routine Leaving Judges Floored

You may have heard of clogging before, but in case you haven’t, clogging is a unique type of dancing that you can learn from many studios in the United States. Many children begin learning how to dance by first observing the fun skill of clogging from an instructor.

Today’s version of clog dancing no longer involves shoes that are wooden as it used to, and it also doesn’t necessarily mimic the same types of routines that were used in cultures of the Irish and Gaelic. As the popularity of clogging grows stronger throughout the years, a group called the Clogging Champions of America was actually put together in order to create an event for excitable clogging dancers to compete against each other!

In this stunning video from 2013, expert cloggers Morgan and Madison dance at the Clogging Champions of America in Knoxville, Tennessee — and you don’t want to miss it.

Dancers with clogging routines that blow away the judges at these competitions can participate further, advancing to the Showdown of Champions, which is exactly where the little girls are performing in the video you’re about to watch!

This duo performed a stunning clogging routine to the energetic and hit song Hit The Ground Runnin’ by country singing legend Keith Urban. The girls couldn’t have chosen a more appropriate song for their performance, and no country fan would be able to stop themselves from singing along!

The Clogging Champions of America Showdown of Champions took place in Knoxville, Tennessee where their performance was witnessed by an amazing audience! The two girls decided to dress to impress in fresh white dancing pants and paired the look with colorful plaid shirts. They also adorned themselves with standard clogging shoes in the color black to finish off the look.

Their matching ponytails flailed around the stage as they showcased their skills to the crowd and judges.

Much of their performance could not be done without each other, as they perform a lot of moves that could only be executed with a partner! The girls twirl each other back and forth during the clogging routine, and the upbeat rhythm of their dance had the crowd mesmerized! It’s clear from the talent that shines through their performance that the girls put in a lot of thought, effort, and practice in order to pull off this routine!

You can even hear the crowd’s enthusiasm in the video, as they applaud and holler to show their approval! You have to see this one for yourself if you have any doubt about the talent that is known as clog dancing.

What do you think about the girls’ performance? Did you know that clogging was so popular in America? Let us know and pass this video on to your friends and family members to brighten their day.

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