Two Guys Bump Into Each Other At Football Game Sparking Hysterical Dance-Battle That Steals The Show

A Saturday night football game at West Virginia University in 2018 seemed like a normal game night, until two friends found themselves front and center on the JumboTron screen. Displayed on a huge screen for all the audience to see, friends Anderson Small and Charles E. Hayes decided to make the most of their fleeting moment of fame.

Deciding to act as thought they were arguing and about to erupt into conflict, these two friends then initiated an epic dance-off to the amusement of fans. Dancing down the aisle, Charles boogied down to his seat until he came to Anderson. Then, the real show began.

Long-Time Friends…And Dance Partners?

It takes a close level of friendship to stage a dance-off on a big screen at a local college football game, but that is exactly what these two buddies did. Pretending not to know each other as Charles danced down the aisle, the camera landed on him in a sea of blue and gold in support of WVU.

Suddenly, Anderson appears from the opposite end of the screen, sporting his own dance moves. Meeting in the middle and unimpressed by one another, they “accidentally” bump into each other. Leaving the crow hanging in anticipation for a few seconds, these two commence in a dance off for all to see.

Smiles All Around

After the initial shock of the awkward confrontation, these two friends begin to boogie down together. Drawing smiles and laughs from audience members, it soon becomes clear that the relationship between Charles and Anderson goes much deeper than simply meeting in the middle aisle of a football game.

An epic, yet fake, dance-off then ensues in the aisle and is cast onto the JumboTron for the entire stadium to see. With slick moves and entertaining facial expressions, these two friends give it all they have got in the name of fun. The video on this page shows a brief glimpse into the event that made a local WVU football game so fun to attend.

Would you have had the courage to do the same? To dance while on the JumboTron? Let us know and brighten someone’s day by passing this video on.

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