Why Ashton Kutcher suddenly “gave up”: people don’t recognize him as the handsome man he used to be

Lately, Ashton Kutcher and his wife Mila Kunis have rarely appeared in public. And the Hollywood handsome guy has noticeably fewer roles. There is a simple explanation for this: children have appeared in the family, and they require a lot of attention, especially at a young age. Recently, the actor still pleased fans with his stellar appearance on the red carpet. However, Ashton Kutcher did not look his best at the Oscars , where he appeared with his wife . Fans suspect something is wrong. Either Ashton is sick, or he is stressed, or he is exhausted from something. What happened to the actor and why do many people not recognize him as the former handsome man?

Ashton Kutcher at the Oscars: doesn’t look like himself
Fans always look forward to the appearances of Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis. Last year, the couple attended the opening of the Lawrence J. Ellison Institute. And the other day, after a long lull, she appeared on the red carpet at the Oscars. Between these events, fans were content with only the rare photographs that the paparazzi managed to take.

Ashton’s performance at the Oscars promised to be truly stellar. But it turned out exactly the opposite. Fans are surprised – the actor has changed a lot lately . “He looks really painfully thin. The face is drawn. Plus age, 44 years old – no longer a boy,” “His eyes are sick. Am I the only one who noticed this? There’s something serious there,” “He looks sick. Looks like he’s on a diet. Still on pills. Both passed. They have two children , and Mila has a hard time there. She doesn’t look too good either. Alcohol?”, “It’s age. Just around the age of 44, men really start to decline. For women, this happens 5 years earlier ,” fans on the Internet speculate.

Is Ashton Kutcher sick?
Among the main guesses as to why Ashton Kutcher has changed so much, the leading assumption is about health problems . It is known that in 2019, Kutcher was diagnosed with pancreatitis. At times the illness worsened and even got to the point where Ashton had to go to the hospital. They say that this is due to the actor’s passion for the juice diet. For some roles, Mila Kunis’ husband had to lose and gain weight. When the actor set himself the goal of losing weight, his methods were not always gentle. Ashton was literally starving himself. However, we all know that this is definitely not good for health.

Also, some fans suggest that stress is to blame . Perhaps Ashton is very worried about what is happening in the world right now. It is known that he and Mila are actively collecting money for Ukrainian refugees. By the way, Mila also mentioned this at the Oscar ceremony. The actress emphasized that many people now feel empty. Obviously, this affected her husband to a large extent.

Assumptions about unsuccessful plastic surgery
There is also a version that Ashton may have turned to specialists in aesthetic medicine. We emphasize that this is just an assumption, there is no confirmation of this. Ashton is 44 years old. It is clear that we are all not getting any younger. But since the actor has never been observed to abuse such rejuvenation procedures, we consider the assumption of unsuccessful plastic surgery not very plausible. Perhaps Ashton’s Oscar pictures just didn’t turn out well. Somewhere the light fell wrong, somewhere there was a bad pose, and so on. But Ashton has a very beautiful wife, that’s for sure! Mila Kunis at the film awards ceremony in a soft pink dress caught the eyes of the admiring audience.

Have you noticed changes in Ashton Kutcher’s appearance? Or did the fans make a fuss about nothing?

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