Wife Asked To Choose Between Her Husband Or Her Rescue Dogs Decides In Favor Of The Dogs

In a relationship, sometimes the parties are given an ultimatum that can either make or break their relationship. There are many stories over the internet already of how an ultimatum led to marriage, for example, when one person is not willing to commit. However, when it comes to other issues, such as pets, an ultimatum is less likely to end up in a happy compromise for both people.

This was the case for one couple from the UK, whose 25-year-long relationship ended when the husband asked her to choose either her dogs or him. The answer was very clear for Liz Haslam, who had no regrets or qualms about choosing her dogs over her husband Miske Haslam back in 2018.

The Express UK reported that happiness for Liz Haslam is the time she spends protecting and caring for dogs that need her help. In return, she receives gratitude and love from the dogs. Liz has often said she wouldn’t change her relationships with the dogs for anything in the world, and she proved that she means this literally when her husband made her choose between him and her dogs.

While people who love pets can understand this sentiment, others may not support Liz’s choice because it led to the end of a long relationship. However, Liz spoke to Express about her thoughts and what led her to choose her four bull terriers. In fact, Liz’s passion for helping dogs is not limited to her own pets, as she ended up opening up a dog sanctuary for other dogs to heal as well.

Liz told Express UK that she met and fell in love with Mike, her now ex-husband when she was only 16 years old. Shortly after high school, the two were married in 1991. The newlyweds settled into a two-bedroom home along the English countryside in Barnham, Suffolk. The couple has a child named Ollie, who was 22 years old when their 25-year-old marriage was on the rocks.

Express UK reported that dogs had always been part of Liz’s life. Her mother bred West Highland terriers while her father owned an animal food business, so she was used to having dogs around her since she was a child. Naturally, this type of early relationship with animals creates a lasting bond with pets.

When the couple moved to a new home that gave them half an acre of land, Liz started her own boarding kennel business. She founded Beds for Bullies, which is a bull terrier sanctuary, and also provided a foster home to dozens of the breed, all with behavioral and medical issues who are unable to be re-homed.

Liz also explained that she had always had a passion for dogs, so it wasn’t news to Mike when she began her business. “He knew from the moment that we got together what I was all about,” Liz said.

Liz explained Mike gave her the ‘it’s the dogs or me’ ultimatum when he found that her love for the canines was too much. However, he may not have expected that this ultimatum would lead to the end of their marriage.

“I don’t know what he expected. He told me he was going and had sorted out some other accommodation so he packed his bags. Before we split up he kept saying ‘I do not want to be doing this, I want to get a passport and go away.’ I said that isn’t going to happen so we might as well go our separate ways, which we did,” Liz recalled.

The time commitment needed to keep her dog rescue running was apparently a selling point for her husband, who wanted to enjoy more free time as the couple got older.

“It is a very demanding job, you can’t have a day off,” Liz explained.

“I don’t sit down till 11.30 at night so you can’t just go on holiday. And I can’t turn around and say I am not going to do it any more, it is my responsibility, I took the dogs in I can’t just stop.”

However, Liz also revealed to Express UK she does not blame Mike for not loving dogs the way she loves them. She said they both understood after the ultimatum that they were traveling in different directions. The decision to end the marriage was a healthy one for both parties.

However, things took a turn for Liz when she reportedly stated that she would be leaving her farmhouse home in 2019 because the owner wanted to sell it. Thankfully, Liz found a new home to run her dog rescue out of, as can be seen on the homepage of Beds For Bullies. The thank you message on her homepage reads:

“Before the winter came we had teams of amazing volunteers coming every weekend to work on site so that Liz could move in. We are forever grateful for this help.”

What do you think about Liz’s commitment to the dogs she cares for? Did you feel bad for Mike? Let us know in the comments and be sure to pass this article along to others to hear their opinion.

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