Woman, 74, Was Criticized for Her ’’Not Age Appropriate’’ Outfits and Her Response Left Us Amazed

At 74, Colleen Heidemann is breaking all stereotypes, and proving that age doesn’t have to define the way we dress. With more than 321,000 followers on her TikTok, Heidemann often rocks outfits that some people would call daring for her age. Nevertheless, this fabulous lady shows no signs of stopping or slowing down and she had the best answer to people who were criticizing her for her choice of clothing.

This former flight attendant who started her modelling career at almost 70-years-old, is very well-known on social media where she flaunts her beautiful body with stylish outfits and posts fitness and beauty clips. From short skirts, to ripped jeans, to very high heels and swimsuits, Colleen proves to the world that any woman can keep up with trends and look stunning while doing so.

And Colleen, who is a powerful inspiration for many, has a huge number of fans who support her and shower her with compliments on her confidence and poise. One fan for example praised her, saying, ’’You are stunning and quite obviously AGELESS.’’ While another shared, ’’’You inspire me! Gonna be 60 in June and I refuse to “dress my age” […]’’

However, Colleen revealed that she also gets criticized for what she wears, and she addressed these negative comments through a video where she looks stunning as she models an array of swimsuits. In the video she mentions, ’’‘This swimwear is not age appropriate,’ is what they say.’’ She then added. ’’I say: Wear what makes you feel good!’’
Heidemann also noted, ’’Everybody has a swimsuit body.’’

In another viral video where she is confidently rocking a short dress and thigh high boots, a voice over is heard saying, ’’Don’t let them define you. We are strong. We are not invisible. I dress my age however I want.’’

And Colleen’s motivational words and self-assured attitude are surely having a huge impact on other women and showing that aging is not to be feared, because what truly matters is to feel comfortable in our own skin, and that is enough to leave us glowing just like Colleen.

What do you think of this gorgeous woman? Do you agree that age is just a number and that we can look and feel fabulous at any stage of life?

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