Woman Explains Why She Slept With 10,000 Men Last Year

Sophie Anderson may or may not be familiar to you. It all depends on whether or not you indulge in porn videos. If you, like millions of Americans, consume pornographic content on various video platforms online, then you have probably seen a video with Sophie Anderson. The 33-year-old porn star has recently gone viral after she confessed to sleeping with more than 10,000 people within the last year all to earn a hefty salary as a porn star actress.

Anderson first rose to fame in the porn industry after launching a successful career as an escort when she was a teenager. She worked alongside porn star celebrity Rebecca More and has created thousands of videos that you might have seen if you are a regular viewer of pornographic content on various online streaming services available on the internet.

During an interview for the podcast The Fellas, Anderson explained why she had sex with so many men in such a short period of time. While she was paid handsomely for the work she did while lying on her back, she also had other reasons for sleeping with as many men as she possibly could.

On the podcast episode with Anderson, she explained to the hosts Calfreezy and Chip that she “was seeing at least ten to twenty clients a day” at the start of her porn career. However, she maintained that frequency for a whopping sixteen years until she and Rebecca More broke the internet with their famous gang bang that included many different men who went to town on the two porn stars.

Now, Anderson and More work for themselves by selling content on the social media sex site OnlyFans. They have subscribers who pay a premium to get dicey content from porn star content creators and intimate access to videos and pictures that the mainstream does not otherwise get to see.

In the podcast episode, Anderson explained that her porn bosses would take a lot of money from her despite the fact that her body was the one being used to pleasure men and to create content for the internet.

“In the massage parlors, it was like 80 pounds ($92), but the management would take your first two clients, so you don’t get anything for the first two,” Anderson told The Fellas hosts. “At the end of the day, that’s your f—ing body, I want to be paid top dollar.”

Anderson doesn’t just have sex for money – she also engages in coitus to keep herself stable and sane.

“Honestly, it’s mental. The only way I could stay sane is to have sex,” she said. “Because of my sex drive, if I don’t have it, I get mental,” Anderson said. “That’s my thing to keep me high all the time.”

Anderson further explained that her passion for constant sex has replaced her previous addiction to the drug cocaine.

Anderson is a mother of four and is engaged to be married to male porn actor Damian Oliver.

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