Woman in airplane threatens to pee in the plane aisle – pulls down her pants and squats

Flying to a destination is already stressful for most people, and sometimes, the people we are flying with can make the experience even worse for us. This particular plane ride seemed to have turned into somewhat of a nightmare for all passengers and staff involved.

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Flight attendants sometimes have the toughest job in the world. Taking care of dozens or, at times, hundreds of people is not an easy task. And sometimes there are passengers who are completely out of line.

On Frontier Airlines, the airline staff had to deal with a nightmare scenario. A flight attendant had to block a female passenger from going to the restroom, and this did not sit well with the passenger.

The female passenger threatened the flight attendant that she would pee in the aisle. To give more weight to her threat, the passenger even pulled down her pants and squatted in the aisle.

Other passengers on the plane were horrified by her behavior. The video has since then gone viral. In the video, the disgruntled female passenger is seen telling the entire plane that she does not “give a f***” that she is mooning children onboard the aircraft and did not care about everyone on the plane witnessing her emptying her bladder.

The woman was trying to make her way to the plane’s lavatory but the path was blocked by a flight attendant. The entire thing upsets her greatly and leads her to lay her jacket down on an empty seat and then begin to take her pants off so that she can squat down to pee.

The woman begins by apologizing to everyone on the plane, saying, “Sorry, everybody” adding that she has a full bladder and is “ready to pee over here.” When she begins stripping, shocked passengers begin screaming at the sight, unable to believe their eyes!

The woman, who has been dubbed as ‘Peepee Patty’ by TMZ, demands that she be allowed to use the restroom so that she can relieve herself. The other passengers on the plane can be heard angrily asking her to have some decency and not ‘moon’ the children on the plane.

The people on the flight tell others that the incident happened on a flight from Florida to Philadephia. Another passenger has gone on to say that the woman also threatened to kill another person onboard.

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Posted by Billy Gordon on Wednesday, November 22, 2023

Honestly, this is such a bizarre incident. People these days need to understand that incidents like these will live on forever as people video them and they are spread like wildfire overnight.

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