Woman Sick Of Hiding Gray Hair – Gets Makeover And Looks Like New Person

Kerry Grundhoefer paid a visit to The Makeover Guy in 2012 where she got an amazing hair transformation to embrace her gray hairs.

The older we get, the harder it gets to hide the effects of aging. Wrinkles start to increase, our bones start cracking, and our hair turns gray.

Some men and women start showing signs of aging early, especially when it comes to their hair. This is known as premature graying and is caused by a loss of the pigment called melanin.

Many of us won’t see this change until our 50s, but for 41-year-old Kerry Grundhoefer, she’s been battling the grays for years. Kerry’s grown tired of constant trips to the salon to dye her hair, and she’s ready to make a drastic change. That’s where celebrity beauty expert Christopher Hopkins, also known as “The Makeover Guy,” comes in.

Kerry has enlisted his help to transform her look completely. She’s ready to cut off her long, curly brown tresses in favor of a spunky, shorter look, which showcases her gray locks.

When Kerry came into Christopher’s salon, she oozed enthusiasm and a positive attitude. Despite being tired of constantly dying her hair, she was excited to finally rid herself of the stress that came along with maintaining her longer hair.

As she settles into the salon chair, Kerry reiterates the fact that she’s asked Christopher to cut her hair short. No one can believe that she’s prepared to make such a drastic change.

With scissors poised in his hand, Christopher asks Kerry what length she wants to go. When he looks like he’s ready to make his first cut, Kerry urges him to go even shorter.

Christopher enthusiastically chops away at Kerry’s hair, coming away with several inches of curly brown locks. Kerry shakes her new, lighter tresses and grins broadly.

While the initial cut may have looked shocking, the final reveal is even more dramatic. Kerry’s shoulder-length hair has been styled into a spiky, gray pixie cut which perfectly showcases her bright, green eyes.

The smile on Kerry’s face is enough to light up the entire room. She just can’t wait to show her husband her new look.
When her surprised husband sees Kerry for the first time, he’s nothing but supportive and loving, insisting that she looks beautiful and that he adores her new haircut.

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