Woman’s fiancé demanded she pay for his and his friends’ meal – she decides to teach him a lesson

A woman has taken to Reddit to vent about a frustrating situation involving her fiancé and their finances.

The 33-year-old woman explained that her fiancé, 37, constantly gaslighted her about her financial capacity, leading to him to demand that she foot the bill for their meals with friends.

Eventually, she’d had enough one day, and made a shock decision that had lasting consequences. Keep reading to find out what it was…

Throughout their relationship and engagement, the woman maintained separate finances from her partner, respecting his preference for not having a joint account. Fair enough. Though, after a significant raise, the woman’s financial situation changed, and she discovered she was now earning 30% more than her fiancé.

The vast difference in their incomes eventually became a point of contention, with the woman’s fiancé repeatedly pressuring her to cover expenses when dining out with friends. His justification was blunt: “The 30%, that’s why.” The woman began to feel the weight of his constant requests, almost as if he was using her salary raise against her and implying she didn’t deserve it.

Despite her fiancé’s manipulative tactics, the woman went along with the requests because she wanted to avoid any type of confrontation. However, she reached a breaking point when he again whispered that she would be covering the bill during a dinner with friends.

In a bold move, the woman paid for her order, excused herself to the restroom, and discreetly left the restaurant, driving home on her own. Faced with calls from her fiancé demanding an explanation, she explained how frustrated she had become after being tricked into paying for others’ meals.

The confrontation escalated at home, with her fiancé resorting to calling her “selfish, irrational, cheapskate, and childish.” He also claimed his friends were disappointed in her, and questioned whether she was the right person for him to marry.

Seeking support online, the woman found Reddit users overwhelmingly siding with her. They highlighted the manipulative behavior of her fiancé, questioning why she would marry someone insistent on separate finances. Some suggested that his reaction might stem from misogyny and insecurity about the woman earning more.

“Drop him, unless this is the future you want. Someone who resents you for earning a promotion and feels entitled to the money YOU work for is not someone you should be marrying. He doesn’t love you…he loves the fact that you’re too polite to tell him ‘no,’” someone wrote.

The general consensus was pretty clear: the woman deserved better than the manipulation and verbal abuse she had endured, with many hoping she would make the wise choice to end the relationship and prioritize her well-being.

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