Young Woman Begins Singing As Tom Jones Grabs Hand For Dirty Dancing Song That Brings Down The House

Reality television talent competitions are the latest way in which aspiring artists aim to get discovered. Not only do you audition in front of the judges, but you are also auditioning in front of millions of viewers at home. Although it can be nerve-wracking, you can be well on your way to stardom if you manage to impress.

On the popular show The Voice UK: Blind Auditions, contestants audition in front of a panel of judges including, Jennifer Hudson, Sir Tom Jones, and Olly Murs. These judges determine who moves on to the next round of competition. They also get to share in the fun with the contestants along the way.

In one episode of the show, singer and actress Bethzienna Williams got to perform with the beloved Tom Jones.
Known for songs such as “What’s New Pussycat” and “She’s a Lady,” Jones is a legend in the industry.

The conversation began when Jones asked Williams if she was familiar with the song “Cry to Me” by Solomon Burke. Williams said she became a fan of the song because it was from “Dirty Dancing,” one of her favorite movies.
The judges then began to encourage Jones to hop up on stage with Williams to sing it with her.
Surprisingly, Jones agreed to the request. Williams was clearly delighted and sang her heart out along with Jones. Everyone in the audience was thrilled with the surprise performance and now you can watch it, too.

After you get the chance to watch this amazing song, be sure to spread the magic to everyone else that you know.

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